Friday, April 3, 2015

****CT Showcase****

The CT girls have been busy & have made some beautiful tags.
Along with some wonderful new posers available this week ready for purchase.
All of the posers can be purchased at

Designs by Norella

Fantastic work this week ladies!!

Angyy used Zarinya

Barbara used Pearl, Charea, Nayara, Lariyna, Lilana, Indigo & Marian

Brandi used Sera, Prismay, Amisi & Paila

Cece used Ailee

Christi used Prismay

Connie used Feya & Sapna

Gigi used Sera

Ginny used Liliana

Karlita used Sera, Paloma & Pip

Kathy used Paisley

Kristina used Zarinya & Paila

Lee used Sera, Liliana & Nayara

Melissa used Pearl & Prismay

Renee used Amisi

Tara used Prismay & Cherry Blossom

Have a wonderful day!!!

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